Tuscan VineyardThe work in the vineyards begins in January with the pruning of the vines. After that we bind the vines with Guyot simple training system. In April begins the process of organic fertilization of the soil, using the green manure crops method (field beans) we are able to fix nitrogen directly to the soil, green manure improves soil fertility. The first job, in mid-May, is to desucker the vines: each unfruitful shoots (‘suckers’) are removed, encouraging the vine to focus its energies on the fruit-bearing shoots. We use foliar fertilizer (foliar feeding) ( product based on phosphorus , potassium and microelements ) as needed that helps the formation of the cluster and increase the sugar content of grapes. We use products based on copper and sulfur to prevent the development of diseases during the growing season of the plant. In July begins Cluster thinning that reduce the yield per hectare and increase the grapes quality . In August we proceed with the canopy management that permit to obtain grapes with uniform ripening. Tuscan Vineyard

In September and October the grapes are harvested by hand according to the varieties and are arranged in small boxes to prevent crushing during transport in the cellar. With the best selected grapes we start the winemaking process.

The winemaking process is made putting ripe grapes in stainless steel tanks and concrete tanks where start spontaneous fermentation. The malolactic fermentation takes place naturally in stainless steel tanks and in oak barrels, where the wine is aged for 12 months before bottling.